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About Verona Fonté


Verona Fonte is a digital media maven and a friend. She is also a person who once commits herself to a project is unflagging in her commitment and effort. This quality was especially important, for we proved to be overly optimistic in our estimates of how long it would take to finish this project -- especially how long it would take me to finish writing the “book” that was to provide the overarching structure of the website. Even so, Verona remained fully committed to making the website professional in appearance, ease of use, intuitive, creative, and error-free. She spent untold hours meeting with experts and consultants to be certain we were going to be able to and creating mock-ups of how the site might work and look like. Finally she coded the site, tracked down problems in the code, checked all the links, and sat on her hands waiting for my new text or re-writes. Throughout, she never lost sight of what we were trying to accomplish or lost her cool dealing with the ineffable. We thought we were creating a new design for how both ebooks might be constructed some day as well as how collecting history might be accomplished, and even despite how much longer this has taken than we had originally projected, I hope you feel the site remains unique and novel and useful. I know I was, and am, fortunate to have such a talented, unselfish, competent friend who worked with me to create a site that is the very best we ould have done.

Verona has a Ph.D. in psychology and worked in this field for over twenty years in academic, clinical and organizational settings. She was Academic Dean at the Saybrook Institute, had a private practice for over 20 years, worked with the beginnings of the managed care programs, organizational trauma teams and consulted with organizations.

Because of her need to help tell stories rather than listen to them she left her career as a psychologis in 1997 to become the Director of Iris Arts & Education Group, a nonprofit with a mission to produce and support socially relevant media, educational and artistic products. She continued her work with trauma and peace through producing of several shorts including: "The Peaceful Warrior",  “We Must Not Forget the Children” for Balkans YouthLink 1997 about the crisis in Kosova; a trailer for a feature length film, “Children of War” with Kim Shelton about the tales of children from different regions of the form Yugoslavia; and “Quest for Justice,” about the Korean Comfort Women - 2001, among others.

Through Iris Arts she has made two films for the Ansel Adams Gallery, has begun working in innovative ways with paintings and animations producing shorts that are visually stunning, psychologically, politically or spiritually relevant. One of her films "Origenes" has been shown at the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica in 2009. And she continues to contribut to the efforts of other socially relevant projects by creating websites, designing promotional materials including movies, consulting with organizations about their digital presence on the internet, and training youth leaders in developing the digital media skills needed so they can become the change makers they need to be and present their visions and stories to the world.

I encourage the interested reader to visit her website:   .There you will find how engaged, productive and creative Verona truly is.