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Chapter 13 - Data Communications: Adaptation 1979-1986

13.21 T-1 Multiplexer OEM Relationships - 1985

Exhibit 11.6identifies the leading Data Communication multiplexer firms and the OEM relationships they had made with the leading T-1 multiplexer start-ups as of 1985. These relationships indicate how difficult it was for the start-ups to develop market distribution on their own and equally how difficult it was for the existing firms to master these new technologies internally. Fortunately for those firms that had acted quickly, they had opportunities that most of the nearly 40 firms offering T-1 multiplexers in 1986 did not have.21 This form of market consolidation, where the firms of an emerging niche are being absorbed by the firms of an existing market, differs from what happened in LANs where the existing Data Communication firms acted too late or were disinterested, and most minicomputer firms tried and failed to enter the market.

Exhibit 13.21.1 T-1 Multiplexer OEM Relationships 1985

Data Communication Firm T-1 Multiplexer Start-Up
Timeplex None
None Network Equipment Technologies
General DataComm Cohesive Networks
Infotron Network Switching Systems
Paradyne, Milgo, Infinet Spectrum Digital
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    “T1mux market heats up at high and low ends. Mergers ahead” Data Communications, June 1986, p.87