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Chapter 13 - Data Communications: Adaptation 1979-1986

13.8 Micom

Micom, the highly profitable leader in statistical multiplexers, was unwilling to allocate the financial resources to develop a T-1 multiplexer, just as they had not funded the internal development of a LAN. Bill Norred, President, remembers they had the basis of a T-1 multiplexer in their TDM but still could not overcome constraints:

We did talk about doing some T-1. We had the basis of a T-1 product for years and years. In fact, when I designed it, I always knew some day we’d probably take it to T1 rates, yet it never got evolved into a T-1 product because we could never really figure out a way to find the resources to do it.

As of yearend 1985, Micom had not yet entered the T-1 multiplexer market.