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Chapter 14 - Internetworking: Emergence 1985-1988

14.9 ENE and Interop

The 1980s marked the beginning of the computer industry’s massive trade shows, epitomized by COMDEX. The power of such events did not escape the notice of the promoters of Internetworking standards and products. The chief promoters of the era’s two Internetworking approaches—OSI and TCP/IP—held significant public demonstrations in 1988, on a larger scale than previous gatherings such as the NBS Implementors workshops and Dan Lynch’s TCP/IP Vendors Workshop. Both events shared the same purpose: to convince customers that their quests for network interoperability were over. (See Exhibit 12.12 ENE and Interop)

Exhibit 14.9.1 ENE and Interop

Conference Enterprise Networking Event (ENE) Interop
Date June 5th-9th 1988’ September 26th-30th 1988’
Vendors 50 54
Attendees 10-11,000 5,000
Profiles/Software MAP/TOP NSMP/OSPF
Communication/Protocols OSI TCP/IP
Government Sponsors Department of Commerce Department of Defense
The Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology (ICST)   Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
National Bureau of Standards (NBS)    
Sponsors Corporation for Open Systems (COS) Interop
The MAP/TOP Users Group   Internet Activities Board (IAB)
The Society Of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)