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Appendix A: Market Research

Product Categories and Firms

Product Category Firm
Modem Leased Line - High speed Codex, Milgo, Intertel, Paradyne and AT&T
  Dial-up - High speed Vadic, UDS, Concord Communications and AT&T
  Personal Computer Hayes, Microcom and Telebit
Multiplexer Time Division Codex, ADS, Timeplex, and GDC
  Statistical Codex, Micom, Timeplex, GDC, Comdesign and DCA Associates
  T-1 Codex, Micom, Timeplex, GDC, Milgo and DCA Associates. Start-ups: NET, NSS, Cohesive, Newbridge and Stratacom
Data PBX   Micom, Equinox, Metapath, Gandalf, Codex and Bridge
Local Area Network Ethernet 3Com, UB, Bridge, Interlan, Excelan
  Terminal Servers UB, Bridge and DEC
  Scientific Excelan, Interlan, CMC and DEC
  Token Ring Proteon and IBM
  Token Bus Concord Data Systems and UB
Bridge/Router   Cisco, Wellfleet, Retix, SynOptics and Vitalink