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Appendix B: Supporting Documents

Manley Irwin Papers

Manley Irwin worked as a staff economist for Bernard Strassburg at the FCC Common Carrier Bureau. In these papers, Irwin describes the research he did on the convergence of computers and telecommunication. His work was crucial to Strassburg’s understanding of the coming challenges to regulating these industries. Strassburg was awarded a National Civil Services Award in 1966 for is role in anticipating the issue before it became a bigger problem.

1) FCC Computer Inquiry

2) Litton vs. AT&T

3) Computers and Communications - The Economics of Interdependence

4) Bernard Strassburg address to ACM (10/20/66) - The Marriage of Computers and Communications

5) Vertical Integration and the Communication Equipment Industry

6) Summary of Strassburg speech given at American University October 1965

7) The Computer Utility: Competition or Regulation?